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Currently hosted

Primary: 41875
Secondary: 14329


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Free DNS Hosting Service

No more NOTIFY for slave zones.
The NOTIFY has been disabled for slave zones. If you encounter problems with it, please email me.
Dynamic DNS
For automatic records update we use XML RPC; there is a simple python script for easy IP changes.

It is enough to call the script as --newaddress new.ip.add.ress
or even simpler --newaddress <dynamic>
to update record to your public IP (watch for proxies!)

You may want to fix default values in the script itself so you do not have to pass on the params in the commandline. Old IP can be '*', no need to have it written down.

Another way is to use any dynamic dns service (like DynDNS), and have a CNAME record pointing there.
Free DNS service for the self-reliant people who do not want to waste time and money at ISPs (who sometimes are not very fast about DNS changes at that).
We offer primary and secondary name server, automatic reloads every 15 minutes, SRV, TXT and IPv6 support, and unique feature of web redirections / frames (see our pseudo-record WWW).
All zones (both primary and secondary) served by primary server — ( — are automatically replicaated to our secondary server — ( and 2a02:2978::a503:4209:2).
If registrar needs personal info and/or zone admin email, it would be yours, not mine. It will be you maintaining the domain, not me. Do not put me as an admin of your domain.
Contact me
If you have problems write me at freedns at 42 pl. Please be patient — this is free service and I answer questions when I have time.

Available Languages

de fr en pl


For bugs regarding FreeDNS::42 contact me at ‮lp.24@sndeerf



FreeDNS::42 is based on XName Software, heavily modified by Piotr Kucharski.
XName Software is under GPL License